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The position holder is a senior member of the Accounts Department and is the de-facto deputy to the Chief Accountant. He/she will assist the Chief Accountant in ensuring the smooth operations of the Accounts Department, through effective productivity and efficient service delivery. In the absence of the Chief Accountant, the Senior Accountant has delegated authority to act as one.


General Responsibilities

  •  The job holder will assist with the preparation of quarterly, half-yearly and annual financial reports and statements in line with current accounting standards and acceptable practices.
  • He/she will analyse and interpret financial reports prepared for the company.
  • They will prepare professional and accurate financial documents whenever requested, on an ad-hoc basis for various company needs.
  • They will identify, control and escalate potential risks identified in the course of execution of their duties.
  • He/she will provide appropriate coaching, supervision and guidance to subordinates in the processing of company documents.
  • Contribute to the effectiveness of the team through positive and productive personal behaviour
  • They will ensure all company documents under their custody are well secured and systematically filed at regular intervals.
  • They will ensure that company assets are well secured by keeping complete documentation of asset transactions, including but not limited to purchases, insurance and similar payments.

Financial Accounting

  • The job holder will ensure that all payment vouchers have complete and necessary documentation, before they are submitted for authorisation.
  • They will confirm that all payment vouchers are authorized before payment can be processed.
  • The job holder will provide guidance and participate in the review of payment systems and controls to safe guard company financial resources and ensure prudent use of finances.
  • They will supervise the Accountant and other subordinates in the processing of company documents.
  • He/she will maintain, reconcile and update supplier accounts and records to ensure completeness in the processing of supplier payments and ultimately overall credit management.
  • They will keep records and track all purchases of company assets and ensure such documents are well secured.
  • They will ensure the accurate and complete preparation of audit documents falling under their jurisdiction and their subordinates.
  • They will assist the Chief Accountant in the preparation of files for the companyâ??s annual audit.
  • They will review and/or authorise Petty cash transactions

Management Accounting

  • They will assist in the preparation of Cash Flow Projections
  • He/she will timely prepare accurate monthly expenditure summaries and variance reports
  • They will assist with the preparation of Annual and Termly Budgets.

Billing Management

  • The Senior Accountant will actively participate in the termly billing of applicable fees.
  • They will be on hand to answer queries and provide guidance to stakeholders about fees charged by the company.
  • They will assist with Invoicing and issuing of accurate billing statements.
  • He/she will assist the Chief Accountant, in ensuring debt is stringently managed and controlled through effective engagements and stakeholder chase lists.
  • They will assist with debt management through engagements with debtors whenever requested to do so.


  • They will ensure the accurate and timely preparation of the monthly payroll and submit for authorisation by the 28th day of every month
  • They will prepare accurate payroll schedules on time and in the correct format to allow for efficient and timely processing of bank transfers and other payment methods.
  • They will professionally attend to Payroll queries and respond accordingly.
  • He/she will be abreast with current regulations on payroll related issues to ensure completeness of the system.
  • The job holder will supervise the preparation of accurate leave, responsibility allowances and other company allowances.
  • They will maintain an updated Schedule for gratuity and other service benefits as they accrue
  • The job holder will prepare and submit accurate monthly payroll and separation benefits for input into the companyâ??s financial records and accounting system, by the 6th of the subsequent month
  • They will participate and guide on improvements to the company payroll system
  • The job holder will file all confidential payroll input documents, in a secure format and place.

Statutory Returns And Obligations

  • The job holder will keep up to date with current regulations pertaining to all statutory obligations affecting the company.
  • With guidance from the Chief Accountant, process payments for statutory obligations as they fall due to minimise penalties and charges to the company.
  • The Senior Accountant will ensure the timely and accurate processing and submission/filing of all statutory returns under their jurisdiction, as follows:
    • Preparation and submission of NAPSA monthly returns by the 8th of the subsequent month
    • Preparation and submission of PAYE monthly returns by the 8th of the subsequent month
    • Preparation and submission of Withholding Tax returns by the 8th of the subsequent month

Database and Management Information Systems

  • They will ensure company documents are safe guarded and free of any corrupting materials
  • He/she will not make unwarranted and unauthorised changes to company documents and files under their custody.
  • They will safeguard information through regular and safe back up of company files.


  • Qualified Accountant (CIMA, ACCA) or equivalent.
  • Minimum of 7 â?? 10 yearsâ?? experience.
  • Must be a registered member of ZICA.
  • Experience with Billing, Debt Management and Stakeholder Management
  • Management oriented towards performance and results
  • Strong and demonstrable leadership skills.
  • Ability to work across the organisation in all business segments.
  • Ability to identify and drive continuous process change and improvement
  • Very strong organisational and communication skills
  • Coaching skills.
  • Ability to work under pressure

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  • Location: Lusaka
  • Job Title: Senior Accountant
  • Closing Date 20 Feb, 2020
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