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About Us

VITALITE is a commercial social enterprise based in Lusaka that is focused on having a positive impact both on the communities it serves as well as on the global environment. As a leading distributor of renewable energy in Zambia, VITALITE's goal is for every household to have access to reliable and affordable modern energy. Founded by Dr. John Fay and Dr. Sam Bell in 2013, VITALITE operates throughout Lusaka as well as in Eastern Province and Southern Province. With an estimated electrification rate of 18.8%, with 44% of the urban population and only 3% of the rural population having access to electricity, VITALITE was established to offer needed alternatives to Zambia. VITALITE is the first in Zambia to offer a solution in the form of a pay-as-you-go enabled solar home system - the VITALITE PAYGO Solar Home System. This system offers access to modern energy with lighting, phone charging, and a radio, and reduces depency on unreliable energy sources. VITALITE also offers cooking solutions through a range of gasifying cookstoves, which use biomass fuel to create a clean and efficient flame. Switching from charcoal to biomass helps to reduce the environmental and health implications caused by the extensive use of charcoal. Through expanding its network of local agents and resellers, and partnering with a number of organisations, VITALITE is expanding its reach to more rural areas to provide reliable, affordable and modern energy to those who cannot afford the high up-front costs associated with reliable solar