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What�s so great about Akros? At Akros, we bring innovative ideas for gathering and using data to development challenges through a �boots on the ground� approach. We�ve built our organizational culture and nuanced approach to implementation by being where our work is. Akros has been supporting government and partner counterparts from our home base in Lusaka, Zambia for over 10 years. This close, on the ground, partnership has helped to contextualize our work to ensure that we are only scaling the ideas and approaches which will work and will be sustained in under-resourced settings over time. We have some exciting projects afoot! Akros is designing, building and implementing systems that make significant health impact in cost-effective ways. We are looking for a skilled, technical program manager who is able to work with our field-based implementation teams, understand the field needs, and translate those to system design and modifications. Best candidates will be ready to jump in and work with our teams to expand an existing platform for smart �spatial intelligence� data collection and intervention planning and take this approach to new areas of health. We envision this consultant to also work with our implementation teams to understand existing country and use case context, and to configure and deploy the existing open-source platform to swiftly meet the client needs. Who are the people we are looking for? Akros employs passionate, results-oriented self-starters who are willing to take the plunge with us. We are an energetic, fast moving team who often have to divide and conquer to get the job done. We are looking for people to invest in, to learn from, and to share and grow our lessons learned so far. And we are looking for those who can bring new ideas, new perspectives and new bursts of energy and innovation to our team. We have a deep history of people coming to Akros, coming alongside our founders, supporting the same vision they are seeing: to make tangible impact in sustainable ways for the vulnerable populations we are working among. Many past employees, consultants and fellows have created a lasting legacy at Akros through their own innovations which we have helped expand, and in some cases take to scale. If you have an idea that is going to create impact on global health and it fits within our wheelhouse � we are willing to help take that idea to fruition. Akros strengthens government surveillance systems in developing countries. We pride ourselves in our ground-level knowledge of the political, health, economic and education systems where we work, and our ability to provide novel, lasting solutions implemented in developing regions. Akros is currently recruiting a driven, results-oriented individual who will provide leadership for product management across the entire portfolio. Akros deploys solutions incorporating a number of standalone surveillance platforms, knitted together through various integration strategies and deployed at various scales: community, district, national and global levels. Both the scale and complexity of the intended application inform design considerations, as well as the technical capability of end-users. Akros heavily prioritizes system accessibility and confidence, data demand and administration simplicity in its design processes. Our clients range from multi-national NGOs to government agencies and community-based organizations.