Schools Offering Clinical Medicine in Zambia

Jun, 09, 2020 13 Comments

There are a number of Colleges and Universities in Zambia that offer medical studies.

University of Zambia School of Medicine
The university of Zambia under the School of Medicine offers the following medical courses:

  1. Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBChB)
  2. Master of Medicine (MMed - Anaesthesia and Intensive Care)
  3. Master of Public Health (MPH)
  4. Master of Medicine (Family Medicine)
  5. Master of Medicine (General Surgery)
  6. Master of Medicine (Internal Medicine & Gastroenterology)
  7. Master of Medicine (Internal Medicine and Infectious Diseases)
  8. Master of Medicine (Ophthalmology)
  9. Master of Science (Biochemistry)
  10. Master of Science (Clinical Neuropsychology)
  11. Master of Science (Chemical Pathology)
  12. Master of Science (Clinical Pathology)
  13. Master of Science (Human Physiology)
  14. Master of Science (Human Anatomy)
  15. Master of Science (Health Professions Education)
  16. Master of Science (HIV Medicine)
  17. Master of Science (Medicine Mirobiology)
  18. Master of Science (Medical Microbiology)
  19. Master of Science (Pharmacology) Master of Science (Pasrasitology)

Copperbelt University School of Medicine

The Copperbelt school of medicine has three departments, namely: Clinical sciences, Basic sciences and dental sciences; offering four undergraduate programs:

  1. Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBChB),
  2. Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS),
  3. Bachelor of Science in Clinical Medicine (BSc CM) and postgraduate programs:
  4. Master of Science, Master of Medicine and Doctor of Science

The School of Medicine offers two types of Postgraduate training programs. These programs are as follows;

  1. Clinical Master degrees
  2. Research Degrees

The school has currently 3 postgraduate clinical masters programs accredited by the Health Profession Council of Zambia and these programs are:

  1. Master of Medicine in General surgery M.Med(GS)
  2. Master of Medicine in Urology M.Med (Uro)
  3. Master of Medicine in Obstetrics and Gynaecology M.Med(Obs)

University of Lusaka School of Medicine

The University of Lusaka (UNILUS) introduced a new programme in Medicine and Surgery under the School of Medicine and Health Sciences which is accredited by the the Health Professions Council of Zambia (HPCZ) and the  Higher Education Authority(HEA).

Here are the medical programmes offered at UNILUS:

  1. Foundation Course in Medicine (Pre-Med)
  2. Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery (MBchB)

Cavendish University School of Medicine

The Cavendish University School of Medicine is recognized nationally and internationally for excellence in educating and training healthcare workers for Zambia and the Southern Africa region. The academic staff of the School of Medicine are renown for their dedication to inspiring students to prepare for careers as healthcare practitioners and researchers, and for deploying global best practices in pedagogy and healthcare technologies.

Here is the list of programmes offered by the School of Medicine:

  1. Medical School Foundation
  2. Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBchB)
  3. Bachelor of Science in Clinical Sciences (BSc.Cs)
  4. Bachelor of Science in Nursing and Midwifery (BScNM)
  5. Master of Public Health (MPH)

Lusaka Apex Medical University

Below is a list of undergraduate courses offered at Lusaka Apex Medical University:

  1. General Nursing
  2. Physiotherapy
  3. Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery (MBchB)
  4. Bachelor of Science Pharmacy (BScN)
  5. Bachelor of Science Physiotherapy (BSc. Physio)
  6. Bachelor of Science Environmental Health (BSc, ENV H)

Levy Mwanawasa Medical University

The Levy Mwanawasa Medical University (LMMU) was established as a Public University on 22ndMay, 2018 under provisions of Section 132 of the Higher Education Act, No. 4 of 2013, by way of Statutory Instrument No. 39 and 40 of 2018.

The Programmes offered at Levy Mwanawasa Medical School are as follows:

  1. Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBChB)
  2. BSc in Clinical Sciences
  3. BSc in Clinical Anaesthesia
  4. BSc in Clinical Ophthalmology
  5. BSc in Optometry
  6. BSc in Mental Health and Clinical Psychiatry
  7. BA in Counselling
  8. Adv. Dip in Clinical Anaesthesia
  9. Adv. Dip in Clinical Ophthalmology
  10. Dip in Dental Therapy
  11. Dip in Dental Technology
  12. Dip in Clinical Medical Sciences
  13. General Dip in Clinical Medical Sciences Psychiatry
  14. Dip in Optometry
  15. Dip in Emergency Medical Care
  16. Cert. in Community Health Assistants (HIV Medics)
  17. Cert. in Dental Assisting
  18. Cert. in Emergency Medical Care
  19. BSc in Nursing
  20. BSc in Ophthalmic Nursing
  21. BSc in Midwifery
  22. BSc in Public Health Nursing
  23. BSc in Mental Health Nursing
  24. Master of Public Health
  25. BSc in Public Health
  26. BSc in Environmental Health
  27. BSc in Public Health Nutrition

The Medical University offer quite a number of programmes. You can have a look at them all here

Mulungushi University School of Medicine

The Mulungushi University Medical School is based in Livingstone, within Livingstone Central Hospital premises. It was opened in September, 2017.

Currently the School offers the Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery Degree (MBCHB) Starting in January, 2020, the school will offer the Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree. Later on, the following programs will be introduced:

  1. Bachelor of Pharmacy
  2. Bachelor of Biomedical Sciences
  3. Bachelor of Dental Surgery
  4. Master of Medicine Degree in Pediatrics and Child Health
  5. Master of Medicine Degree in General Surgery
  6. Master of Medicine Degree in Obstetrics and Gynecology
  7. Master of Medicine Degree in Internal Medicine

Texila American University Zambia

Texila provides the following medical programmes:

  1. Health Professionals Foundation Program (HPFP)
  2. Bachelors of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBChB)