Why Post Your Jobs on Truezambiajobs.com

We help employers advertise jobs and allow job seekers to easily find, search and apply for jobs in Zambia. But that's not all. TrueZambiaJobs also helps employers with shortlisting applicants. We use advanced data science techniques to ensure that employers are presented with high quality applicants. However, this is optional.

TrueZambiaJobs also enables employers to create a company profile which lets people know more about the company. Think of this as a way of promoting your brand. Create your company profile

Apart from posting your job vacancies, TrueZambiaJobs allows you to have insights on how your job postings are performing. Our platform enables you to do the following:

  1. Know the number of candidates that have viewed your vacancy
  2. Know the number of visitors to your company profile page
  3. Receive messages/inquiries from the public
  4. The number of candidates that have viewed your vacancy
  5. View analytics regarding your company's visits, jobs and many more
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